Lamb Trachea chews are hollow and is the windpipe of a lamb. It is made of cartilage It is easy to digest- smaller than a beef trachea, but it has the same benefits. The ridged texture helps keep a dog's teeth clean. Our 6”-7” trachea is one of those chews that is gross looking to us but lovely to dogs! Our trachea made by Best Buy Bones in Michigan and slow roasted to crackling crunchiness. The sound drives dogs to distraction. The hollow shape can be filled with peanut butter or with yogurt to give it an extra punch. The stinky factor is reported to be minimal, but it is greasy. It is a longer chew and can be easily cut into pieces.
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Nutritional Information

  • Rich in flavor and provides a natural source of Collagen, Glucosamine and Chondroitin which is known to help with hips and joints.
  • High in protein and completely digestible.
  • Provides protein and fat dogs love